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The results of the Pannon Breeding program will be taken to Kazakhstan


The LAC Holding LTD has concluded cooperation agreements in several key areas at the Hungarian-Kazakh business forum which was organized by the Ministry of Finance and the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The company supplies Kazakh producers with Hungarian seeds and is also involved in the development of transport routes.



Enough for four thousand hectares left from Törökszentmiklós to Kazakhstan on Friday


Minister of Agriculture, István Nagy among others, was present at the event on Friday afternoon.

Four trucks, corn seeds for about four thousand hectares set off from Törökszentmiklós, on a journey of nearly five thousand kilometers to Kazakhstan. Abdrasov Zsanibek, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was also present at the event.

The treasure of the Marton Genetics group of companies in Martonvásár, a significant amount of hybrid corn, the treasure of the land of Törökszentmiklós Szenttamási Vetőmagüzem - TM LTD., may soon turn to the territory of the Central Asian country.

There is immeasurable territory and wealth all over Asia. „Hungary is an open country, we cannot leave the opportunities to the east and beyond untapped” – said the Minister of Agriculture, who also spoke about the near future.

Speaking at the event, András Sándorfy, the managing director of two key members of the Marton Genetics group of companies, Elitmag LTD. and Bázismag LTD., said that he would strengthen Hungary’s position in export markets and seed self-sufficiency.

The group will soon open a new warehouse in Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan, with a population of one and a half million, and will distribute Hungarian seeds to its eastern partners.

Péter Miskucza, the agricultural director of Törökszentmiklósi Mezőgazdasági LTD., has already said that their company grows crops on four thousand hectares. One-third of this area deals with seeds, with the most significant research on about a thousand hectares being hybrid corn production.

Speakers emphasized that Hungarian corn seed is like the Hungarian man: he is born in bumpy ground, then he struggles, he wants to live, and he does not want to be pressed by others. They are for life!


Törökszentmiklósi Mezőgazdasági Zrt.




Hungarian Business Delegation Visit in Kazakhstan


Delegation of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Finance along with LAC Holding Zrt. attended a business forum in Kazakhstan from 28 to 30 April 2019. Never before has such large Hungarian business delegation visited Kazakhstan. The main purpose of the visit was to strengthen Hungarian-Kazakh economic and cultural partnership. In the Business Forum, following the speech of Mihály Varga Minister of Finance, László Horváth, Chairman of the Hungarian-Kazakh Business Council delivered his speech. László Horváth holds the title of the Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan for more than 20 years. In his speech, he emphasized the enormous opportunities that Hungarian companies have in Kazakhstan especially in the fields of education, culture and agriculture.


Several cooperation agreements have been signed during the Business Forum to reinforce closer cooperation between the two countries.

At the Business Forum, a lecture was held by Aidos Karibzhanov, deputy-manager of LAC KZ, a subsidiary of LAC Holding Zrt. In his presentation he highlighted that the company has nearly 30 years of business experience. Colleagues with extensive connections in Kazakh business world, working in both Nur-Sultan and Almaty offices, provide support to Hungarian and Kazakh companies to enter into each other’s market.


László Horváth Chairman and CEO of LAC Holding Zrt. helped several Hungarian companies to find Kazakh partners, either in his capacity as an honorary consul of Kazakhstan or via his company.


László Horváth also met with the mayor of Nur-Sultan during his visit.



24-27 January 2018


TOO L.A.C. Kazahstan Hungarian Trading House and the MNKH Hungarian National Trading House cordially invite you to the biggest agricultural trade exhibition in Hungary, the AGROMASHEXPO 2018 between 24 and 27 January 2018 at HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center.


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Medicell Hungary Ltd.

Medicell Hungary Ltd. was established with the advantage of the mother company’s - L.A.C Holding’s outstanding relationship with Kazakhstan, along with the natural treasures of Eastern Hungary such as the thermal waters. The packages were put together with special care of making sure that we satisfy all needs and wants of the Kazak tourist. In order to achieve its goals and serve its customers in the most effective way, Medicell Hungary Ltd. made sure to choose the most suitable strategic partners. Among our offer you can find city tour of Budapest, Lake Balaton and its surroundings, wine tasting, Hévíz medicinal miracle guide, dental tourism, as well as training and education for children who were born with a lack of oxygen to the Peto Institute.


Flora Consortium

Consortium „Flora” was formed by five Hungarian research institutes and companies in 2012. The aim of this Consortium the creation of a strong partnership between Kazakhstan and Hungary in the field of agriculture, development and reclamation of unused land in Kazakhstan, as well as the development and modernization of the agricultural industry of Republic of Kazakhstan. First of all, the Consortium is trying to implement the Hungarian know-how in Kazakhstan in infrastructure and agriculture, and then in the development of fodder and crops for sale. Additionally, the Consortium is playing an important role in training and developing experts in the field of agriculture and farming.


Keremet Agro

The program was planned by „LAC Holding” in accordance with the Hungarian State program "Strategic opening of the East", as well as with the program of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the development of agro-industries in the Republic of Kazakhstan called "Agribusiness - 2020 ".
Our aim is to improve the economic availability of goods and services in crop production, improving physical accessibility of services for storage of grain and creating a world-class forage reserve. The new joint venture will conduct its activities in the field of services, agriculture and trade. The complex is going to be constructed on a 6,2 ha land for refining and long-term storage of grain. In future we are planning to create an animal husbandry (piggery and sheep) and a milk and meat processing unit.