About us

LAC Kazakhstan Vengerskij Torgovij Dom


From the centre of Europe – From Hungary

Company „LAC Kazakhstan Vengerskij Torgovij Dom” is a Hungarian trading house in Kazakhstan. The company creates new markets and opportunities for Hungarian and Kazakh producers, and supports the activities of Hungarian companies from the centre of Europe. Hungarian National Trading House presents exclusive services in Kazakhstan and provides small and medium enterprises in both countries the opportunity to use their strengths to promote their products and services. Thanks to the professionals working in the Hungarian and Kazakh offices „LAC Kazakhstan Vengerskij Torgovij Dom” not only enhances the relationship of foreign trade between Kazakhstan and Hungary, but also connects small and medium enterprises of the two countries in constant daily work.


Together for Kazakhstan

Trading House „LAC Kazakhstan Vengerskij Torgovij Dom” was founded in accordance with the Hungarian State program "Strategic opening of the East", which aim is strengthening the Kazakh-Hungarian economic, trade and business relationships. Activities of the Trading House closely related to with the Kazakh program "Agribusiness 2020" and "Strategy 2050": providing help in simplification of implementation of high priority projects and funding opportunities, with a particular accent on education and research in agricultural topics, as well as the provision of consultancy services.


The future from the past

Hungary is most western brother of Kazakhstan, many decades and even centuries respects the relationship between the two nations. Based on the common past, and taking into account the general historical values, we can raise our relationship to a new level, opening the door for our economies. With the help of „LAC Kazakhstan Vengerskij Torgovij Dom” Hungarian traditional high-quality products will again be available for the local population of Kazakhstan and Hungarian residents can get to know the products of the Kazakh market. Development of trade and tourism is for us a very important task, relying on common traditions, and provide a bridge between the two countries.

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